About Us

About us

We are an online tablet PC specialist web store. We supply tablets, phablets, hybrid devices, and peripherals like cases, and memory cards. We genuinely seek to make higher end tablet computing cheaper for you the consumer.

All our tablet PCs have a manufacturers warranty, so if you have a problem covered by those terms, we can ship it back to the manufacturer at our expense, or replace it at our expense (at our discretion - see returns and delivery page). We also have a return policy. And you are protected by the consumer guarantees act for any faults. We really want happy customers!

I strive to source products that are of decent quality manufacture, good quality control, with modern specifications - the sort of products I would be happy to use myself!

If you have any questions, we are happy to help, just hit the contact link at the bottom right of the web site. 

Mission Statement

Tap That seeks to bring the ease and functionality of tablet computing to the greater public. I aspire to source affordable high-end products.

There is a vast array of tablets on the market, but also a labyrinth of technical complexity that can be difficult to navigate. Technology should enrich and simplify everyday life, not complicate it. I strive to help consumers make the best choices – choices that are tailored to their specific needs – and to make reliable, user-friendly computing accessible to as many people as possible.

The Owner

Hi! My name is Jamie Andrew Karl. I worked in network support and implementation in the IT sector (beginning of 1998-mid 2000). From the earliest years that personal computers were available, I used computers at a technical level (programming in Basic and then using MS-DOS). I achieved a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland, with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. Additionally, I earned a Certificate in Business Computing. 

I understand technology quite well, and I am more than happy to assist anyone with their purchase choices, to try to make sure they get a device that truely meets all their needs. 

Tap That Office:

16 Tippett Street
Point England
New Zealand

Phone: 09 9714749
Mobile 022 3084047
Hours 10am-5pm, weekdays and 12-5 Saturday

E-mail: jamie@tap-that.co.nz (please use contact form instead, I check that e-mail much more regularly)

My LinkedIn: here

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