New Tablets, Windows & More

Apparently some of the specs of the two ASUS ZenPads have been leaked (having been seem on some online stores in Russia). There is a seven inch that has optional 3G, 1024×600 resolution, 1GB of RAM and 8GB/16GB  internal storage. And a 8 inch tablet with Intel Atom Z3560 or Z3530 Moorefield CPUs, 2048×1536, 2GB of RAM and 8/16/32/64GB internal storage.

Should be awhile before its even officially announced let alone available. And no doubt the price proposition is like a lot of Android tablets on the market these days. I will be opening soon, fingers crossed (I’ll update you all on the date), I we will certainly be stocking similar tablets that compete or better these specs when it eventually comes out. Already there are options with the same resolution, same or better RAM, 4G etc that I am considering.

Actually speaking of smaller tablets. I found one smaller Windows tablet with some impressive specs; 8 inch, that has 4GB of ram, and a faster than standard processor, stylus ready screen, 4G network, an internal SSD (as opposed to eMMC on nearly all tablets) 64 GB at least, possibly 128 GB, and full USB 3.0 port and micro USB for charging. It’s obviously not the cheapest model, but still priced well for its specifications. It has two small disadvantages. It is 1cm thick, but I suppose you have to expect it’s going to be thicker because it’s a small tablet with laptop like power – it’s still light. And the battery life isn’t that long, six hours of peak use I believe – which limits it’s use to people who don’t use their device mobile, all day long. I am considering stocking it, as a hyper portable 3 in 1 type option (the HDMI and USB 3.0 and better specs means you could likely happily use it as a desktop). It could be good for that, and gaming with a gaming bracket. The power and hardware of the thing, is quite appealing. Let me know what you think, if anyone is interested?

7.9'bluetooth keyboard with touch pad

Also, as a further side note, I found this really cool little keyboard case for an eight inch tablet (keyboard by itself pictured above). It features Bluetooth connectivity, a really solid folding back design for holding up the tablet, a keyboard that has a trackpad/touchpad, and really funky looking coloured backlit keys (in different colours). Not only is a touchpad really uncommon on keyboard cases, or hybrid keyboards for eight inch tablets, but the backlit thing looks positively great. There is a keys only version I believe that I could offer for Android devices too. Obviously I will have to give them a spin, see if they are useful as input devices! (Also comes in some other sizes)

Other announcements this week. Windows 10 has been announced to come in a larger number of ‘Editions’, a total of seven main ones; Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, Windows 10 IoT Core. That’s a few more than we are used to, the Education one being new, and IoT core being a stripped down version.


Also Windows 10 project Redstone has been leaked. It’s supposed to be the next major update to Windows 10. In features a new Start menu that’s based on the existing design of Windows 10, but goes further with tiles that can expand to the entire width of the menu, and those tiles are in the center rather than to one side. Which to me seems like a touch screen optimization, which is great for tablet users.