Getting Closer

So, I have finalized the first lot of stock. I tried to get a mixture of options. There’s a windows option that looks pretty tasty, and two of the tablets have mobile coverage. I am trying to get a hold of 2degrees, to see if I can stock their sims. I am very happy with the initial selection,¬†and I hope to bring you many more options in the future.

In the first few days of opening I will offer a package deal – tablet plus case plus microSD, giving you all the chance to save some money on some already very cheap deals. Unfortunately some of the exact opening date is out of my hands. There are a few external variables that are dependent on third parties. I will try as hard as I can to make it happen on the 15th, as I have stated, but it is possible I might be a week late as well.

I will keep you updated closer to the time! (Watch this space, we will be opening soon)