Windows 10 on a tablet

I recently have had the pleasure of playing around with Windows 10 on a tablet. I upgraded one of the Teclast x80HD models to Windows 10 only (which I can do for anyone who wants it btw). Windows 10 is uniquely well thought out in terms of its touch design.

Unlike Windows 8.1, the tiles screen, in Windows 10 called the tablet mode, is very powerful. You can access all your Apps on the left side of the screen, and a start menu like menu from the top left. You can have the taskbar visible on this screen, including all your open Apps so you can easily switch between them (or you can switch tasks via a gesture by swiping from the left). And the action center gives you access to the desktop mode, bluetooth and power saving toggles, and other options.

Even the search function is a lot more powerful in Windows 10. Basically the tablet mode is very powerful, and unlike in Windows 8.1, you can use it exclusively on a tablet. It’s a joy to see the interface done right for tablet users.