6 really great Android Games

I thought with all the recent focus on Windows 10, it was time I posted something for the many many Android users out there.

There are a lot of simple well known games like Fruit Ninja or Angry birds. But there are also some lesser known, really complete full games in the Play store. And that’s what I wanted to draw everyones attention today. These are all ports from other platforms like XBox, and PC. And some of these may play very well with our telescopic gaming pad. Just check to see if the game is compatible with a bluetooth controller (many are).

The first one is Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. It’s an open world third person/first person hybrid, with a great quirky sense of humour. The graphics are good, and it’s 50% off ATM.

The second in our list of great Android Games is Shadowrun Returns. This runs best on a tablet, because otherwise the writing is a little small. This amazing top down RPG takes place in a cyberpunk fantasy world that is really compelling. There are some difficult battles, and more than enough to keep you wanting more. Fortunately, there are sequels.

The third great Android game is The Bard’s Tale. It’s a 3d top down RPG that is a parody of the genre of RPGs. It’s actually very funny, and if you are into the fantasy genre, or have played any other RPGs, it will likely tickle your funny bone. It’s also a good RPG, and has some nice graphics.

Couldn’t make a list of great ports without mentioning GTA: Vice City. Like most of the more complex games in the play store, they may not run with every kind of hardware. So test them as soon as they are installed, in case you need a refund. GTA Vice City, is the exact same game as the original PC version, and the controls are nicely implemented.

Beamdog created the enhanced edition version of Baldur’s Gate. The graphics are a little dated these days, but the classic RPG gameplay is well worth it. The story, characters and world are a lot of fun if you get into it. And there are adaptions of the sequel coming too.

Last on our little list of great Android Games worth checking out is Max Payne Mobile. This game brings its classic time slowing shooter action to Android devices. If you want to shoot lots of people – this should be something you give a look.