A few great Android Apps

Following my article about great Android Games, here some apps that I have found very useful 🙂

First up is SideBooks. Now for comic and magazine reading, there are a lot of options. The trouble is a) many of these are not very fast, and that matters a lot when you have to wait for loading magazine or comic pages and b) many do not have bookshelves to easily select what you want to read. SideBooks lets you import from a single folder easily a whole bookshelf and from many many apps tested for loading speed, is the fastest I have found (much faster than most). If you want to read pdfs, comics, magazines – this is a must have IMO.

Similarly, if you want to get news and magazine content for free, from online sources, Flipboard lets you compile your own interests, creating your own personalized magazines. Which is very cool. It also runs on Windows tablets.

Ever worried that you might accidentally buy something via an app, or the play store? Or that someone else might using your device? AppLock lets you put a pin number on the Play Store, so that never happens.

ES file explorer is a very useful Android app, that allows you to now only browse files, but play them, stream them, and access the root files (if you have a rooted phone or tablet). It’s much better as a user experience compared with the native file browser.

Maxthon Browser is a quick browser, and that is very handy if you have an older device, such as one with low RAM.

K-9 Mail is a full featured e-mail client that lets you access e-mail other than outlook, or Gmail.

And Swype keyboard is a great way to speed up that text input when using a touch screen device. Takes a bit of getting used to, but more efficient, for sure.

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