More updates

As China, is in the midst of releasing its new gen Intel M-core and Intel Cherry Trail processor tablets, we have news every weeks with rumours, and releases details.

This week, we have two 8 inch announcements. Which is a favourite from factor of mine, because its one handed and portable, but still has a good screen size.

We know they both should be released some time in later October, but we don’t know the specs yet. Suspicion is on a Cherry trail processor with 2GBs of RAM for both models the Chuwi Hi8 pro, and the Onda 820W CH. I have my eye on the Chuwi (pictured above), as the design pictures look very solid, seem to include HDMI and USB-C connectors, and the resolution will be at least 1920×1200. Both can be expanded by up to 128GB, which is nice to see.

The Intel ATOM X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Processor has a higher base frequency, and burst frequency, and more RAM bandwidth, as well as the capability to use up to 4GBs for RAM. Some have been release such as some of the 9.7 inch models, with full SSD rather than the slower, more typical eMMC (SSD is about 2-3 times faster).

I can see more announcements and models, over the next maybe six months up to Christmas.

Currently we have a huge 20-33% of everything until midnight 1st of October.

In terms of the store, we are looking at our next stock order in two to three weeks. I am looking at some of the next gen models, and will try to have a wider variety this time – including at least one full hybrid, and probably a phablet.

We also have access now to some NZ distributors, and in the long term that will probably allow us to stock some western brands, such as Acer.