More updates!

Sorry about the lack of articles. We’ll be returning to some good tech articles soon. For now briefly I am just giving a bit of a much needed update on the tablet market, and our store.

We have run out of both 8 inch Teclast tablets, and 9.7 inch Cube tablets. And we only have a small number of 7 inch Cube tablets left. We have a big stock order coming up, and I believe in 2-3 weeks, we should have a new range of tablets, including a proper hybrid laptop, and phablet, and some swish next generation cherry trail chipset tablets!

On the tablet market front, we have two announcements this week, continuing the wave of core-M and cherry trail next gen releases. The first is the Teclast X2 Pro. Its an 11.6 inch laptop hybrid, it’s Core-M, has two full sized usb 3 ports, 4gb of RAM and either 64 or 128 SSD. It seems to operate with a conducive stylus. It looks pretty great, but I am unlikely to get it in this time. Firstly, there may not be an official english release yet, and secondly, I am going to get in something more affordable first – as a tablet hybrid can run cheaper than a laptop, and I’d like to bring people that option foremost.

The second announced device is the Asus Transformer Book T100HA. Unfortunately this device looks slightly behind the above hybrid. No doubt a device with the same specs, such as the many upcoming chinese devices will be cheaper. The one thing ASUS does right however is the keyboard dock, which is always well thought out, very study, useable, laptop like. The design aspect is more premium. We do actually have access to Asus stock now through our distributors, but this one will likely not be in the next stock order – soon though, you’ll see a few Asus options in store.

Watch this space – more exciting new tablet products will be available soon 🙂