Update: Stock on its way

Yes, sorry to keep you all waiting, but we have ordered the next lot of stock, and we have some exciting options coming this way, in the next week, customs willing.

Unfortunately, the brand shiny new stuff, the Chuwi Cherry Trail models will be about another week – there is a bit of a queue even though they have been released – a lot of excitement out there for their offerings.

So what will we be getting in?

Well first up, there is the very low priced Teclast Air x98 III – It comes in with the same kind of exciting specs as the Cube 9x, (minus the 3G) – retina display, Intel Bay Trail, 2GB of RAM – snappy and crisp, running Android 5.0 Lollipop. But with an even thinner profile, and cheaper price. The Teclast Air 1-3 series so far is very solid, and popular, I expect this will be popular with you guys too!

We have some Cube 9x’s on the way as well – I know its a solid model, and some of you, do like to use your tablet on the go (thus want 3G).

We also have a whole raft of Chuwi Models. The dual boot Hi8 with its much respected bright above retina display – that will be in earlier – and the last two, which may be exciting for those techies and tech enthusiasts out there.

The new Hi8 Pro, which is similar to the Hi8, but features the Cherry Trail X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Processor, for around 30% faster graphical performance, and also has a tasty USB-C 3.0 (or 3.1 not actually sure) port, for proper high speed peripherals.

And the new Hi10, which is a great looking hybrid style tablet. And this one is a bit of a beast. It’s powered by a X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail and 4GB of single channel LPDDR3 RAM. It has 64GB of storage, and get this 2 full sized USB 3.0 ports, and a microUSB for charging – plus an additional USB 2.0 on the keyboard (sold seperately)- which is a proper tilting laptop style keyboard that looks very nice. Bet you it will still come in at a price thats cheaper than a laptop, and with those kind of specs, I expect it will be a great tool/toy for many.

And I am betting all of those models will be Tap That staples for while. Later I’d also like to get in a Cherry Trail 9.7 inch, that will be released soon, and I am betting most of those will become Dual Boot versions pretty soon too.

We will also have some 64GB microSDs for those that have been asking or want them. It’s getting closer to Christmas btw 😉 There are some cool gifts here, at Tap That, that won’t burn a hole in your wallet 🙂