Chuwi Tablet Delays so far

I wanted to announce a bit of an issue here. Chuwi are apparently fixing up some last minute touch screen driver issues, before sending out their Cherry Trail models.

So that may mean I will have to wait on the Hi10 and Hi8 pro, and get something else in. Hard to tell how long it will be. Shame, as I have been looking forward to both those models, but there’s still a chance they will be released this week. Fingers crossed. As soon as they release regardless, I’ll get some in.

The Teclast Air III has been cookie jar popular, so will be definitely be more of those.

And perhaps some of the Teclast x98 Plus Cherry Trail tablets if the Chuwi’s don’t come through. It’s 4gb, Cherry Trail, there’s a keyboard case, its retina, it has the same great casing as the Air III.

Will try and order by the end of this week regardless of what happens, as I obviously want to be well stocked for December, so you guys can fill your stockings!

But I thought I would let you all know, what the story is. Apparently Chuwi is not the only company having delays. Trying to get too much out at once I suppose, but good their quality control is the priority!