Cheap Tablets in NZ this Christmas

I just wanted to give a little update, as well as to introduce folk to what we are doing here at Tap That.

In a commercial chain store, if you want to buy a tablet, your options are either premium devices with rather intense price tags – or bargain basement devices that even with a good brand can be like throwing away money on nothing.

That’s why I started this company. To provide a medium market option for NZers – decent devices at good prices that people can afford – often our devices are basically the same spec as devices priced twice as high.

So if you shop at Tap That, you get bang for your buck – and not only that, we pride ourselves on good customer service, technical expertise – and all our tablets come with 2 months free Quicklix.

As for our general update – We have the new Teclast x80 Plus in store in the next day or two,¬†which features the new Cherry Trail z8300 processor – and we also have the praised vi10 laptop tablet 2 in 1 (keyboard sold seperately), and more Air III’s – which no suprise at the price, are selling like hotcakes.