Small update & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2016 is a good one for everyone 🙂

Just a little update. The Chuwi Hi8 and Hi10 are now possible for me to get in, so I’ll be getting them in with my next stock order. Chuwi also have a 12 inch tablet coming soon. Finally not just thew Hi10 but a range of 10 inch Chinese tablets are coming with folding keyboard docks like the ASUS transformer series (Like the Cube iWork10). That I am happy about. Also both tablets have USB 3.0 ports.

That said, the Chuwi Vi10, which I have in stock, still has the more powerful CPU (3736F), and some very nice materials in the construction. So which one wants will be a matter of preference.

With some disappointing initial releases that I avoided stocking, it’s nice to see we now have a range of solid new releases, that I think are pretty exciting.