A thought for the holidays

I spent some time recently with family I had not seen in a while. We went through some very old photos, remembering the people and places we had been. There is something about this experience, and also reconnecting with family, that puts like in perspective, not unlike a near death experience.

You realize that the things that bother you about people, and the smaller daily struggles you face are not as important, in the grand scheme of things. That perhaps what matters, is how you grow, and the peoples lives you touch, and their touch on yours.

That maybe we should not burn bridges. We should be able to forgive, even if we are also discerning, and fair minded. That if enough time comes to pass, even a troubled time with a person with whom you no longer speak, may seem in retrospect like there was care shared. That brothers and sisters, and family, for all their fights, that there is a shining light beneath it all.

That what we have is precious, and that even when things are hard, there are some silver linings.

I should only hope that more people out there, have a moment like this over their holidays. A little magical transcendence of our sometimes normally expectant, fragile and judging selves. Be grateful for the people you love, have loved, and whom love or have loved you.  It’s what makes this whole show worthwhile 🙂