An update at last

It’s been too long since I last updated everyone about the store. Some financial issues have stalled new stock intake for a month or so, but things are going well, and the store has a bright future 🙂

I wanted to talk briefly about some of the newer models that I will be getting in next, when it happens.

The first up is the Xiaomi MiPad 2. This is solid Android tablet, with a lot of premium style features, like wireless AC, laminated display and a higher end x8500 chipset. It’s iPad mini sized, and I think will be a solid option for a lot of people.

I’ll definately be getting in also the Chuwi Hi10 or similar. This has 4gb of RAM, usb 3 port, and has a transformer style docking system for the keyboard (It’s a hybrid) that allows some swivel. Very nice. There is a new model coming out soon, that has either 3g or 4g, and I think it’ll be pretty exciting.

The Teclast x98 plus is also on the list. It has 4gb of Ram, and a USB port, but it also has one of the most impressive practical battery life levels in the market. I’ll be looking for a dual boot version.

If there’s anything else anyone is interested in, including cheaper western models like Toshiba, mini PCs, anything in the ballpark, hit contact on the bottom right of our main page, and let me know.