Price drop and New models

Okay so this is more pertaining to the business. I’ve dropped the price of the two current models I have in stock, both of them under $200 now. They are both great machines, so it’s kinda a steal – those are some seriously good deals right there.

And I’ll be getting in two more models. It’s just a little stock order, we will be having a bigger one later on. But the fun part for you guys of that is new models.

The first model is the Chuwi Hi8 pro. It’s running a Cherry Trail x8300 chipset, 2 GB of RAM and has a nice high resolution screen. But what stands out about these newer models is the USB 3 port, and also the higher USB 3 internal speeds (for things like microSD). All that means faster transfers on your internal spaces, and the potential to use a lot of peripherals, like high speed external drives, graphics and network cards. Which pairs well with the micro HDMI. The cherry trails are supposed to push graphics pretty well too, so another plus. The Hi8 pro, is solid in its class.

The other model is the Teclast x98 plus 2. Now this is an interesting creature. It’s dual boot, so both Android and Windows. It’s a 9.7 inch, so iPad sized. It has the same Cherry Trail as above, but with 4 GB single channel RAM. It also has the same benefits of faster USB/SD bus speeds and faster graphics as with the Hi8 Pro, and features USB 3. The Plus has been praised for it’s extensive battery life, and the RAM boosts multi-tasking, making this a great versatile tablet workhorse – good for either extended casual use, or heavier users.

So that’s it for now. I considered getting in Xiaomi, but despite being more premium they are expensive for what you get. And I definitely will be getting something like the Hi10, a cherry trail hybrid later.