The peaceful computer

Nothing could be closer to a book, as a computing device, than a tablet. As a device that travels with you, fits in your bag or purse and yet has a generous screen for viewing lazily, by touch, whatever media your heart is set on consuming – the modern tablet is a lower stress computing experience.

You can sit anywhere, outside, inside, in any posture without worry of RSI from typing. The modus operandi is easy – content that doesn’t require your micro-management, fun content or work content that is display oriented. Play a game in bed, read magazines on the bus, catch some quick online shopping between wrangling the kids and share a movie, in a tent. The tablet is what your mobile phone wants to be, easy, casual.

Difference is when you read that magazine or book on your tablet, you actually enjoy doing it because you aren’t holding it a very specific distance from your eyeball and zooming in and out. Where the phone is a functional device, that sits as a perpetual connection between us and the online world – even in a work capacity, there’s something more fun about a tablet. Something in the way we use the devices, then again, perhaps just because it is so much like a book.