Tap That’s Vision

In the past week I’ve given a bit of thought to Tap That’s vision as a company. I found, still, that what is considered “Mid-range” or affordable in the tablet market costs upwards of 400 dollars. Usually more like 500+. Which when you consider that the trashy throw away cheap tablets cost around 100 dollars, and the premium around 600+ dollars, that isn’t really a mid point.

And cheaper alternatives like Nextbook? They just don’t have the specs. They are more like last generation models. Old chipsets, lower RAM and so on. I wouldn’t buy those for anyone but kids.

I can see that the middle market is still very much emerging, and its not easily accessible to the public in New Zealand.

So, in keeping with my vision that quality tablets should be easily accessible and affordable I settled an argument in my mind – I would stick to high quality but affordable tablets, with the most reliable affordable brands – Teclast, Cube and Xiaomi – priced if I can at or under 300.

Stuff that I would have no question in wanting to use my self, the cream of that market, but that sits well under the current 400 dollar+ price line that defines supposedly mid range tablets. Basically – I would select my products with greater care – make sure they are top notch in the affordable category.

I will bring you guys more of the affordable but higher spec’d 9.7 inch and 8 inch tablets you guys have been loving, and perhaps only bring the hybrids later when Windows ARM emulator makes laptops, tablets and hybrid from china more affordable (Which should happen this year). Those have sold, but have been too pricey.

And should I be able to source cheap ASUS tablets at any point, I will consider them too. Although at this point it looks like Xiaomi has a better quality proposition, and have a better products.

I look forward to bringing New Zealand a lot more in the way of cheap tablets with decent build quality, and good specs over the year. With a big focus on selecting the highest quality products from the western and eastern markets.