MWC and 2017

There have been some interesting developments at MWC, the unveiling of a new Samsung Windows Hybrid, the Galaxy book, as well as the update of both the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and the iPad pro 2, in a more hybrid direction. Both have been given multi-tasking capabilities, a stylus, and a keyboard dock, showing last year’s two most popular tablets, are also moving in a hybrid direction.

Similarly in the Chinese market, although not announced at MWC – two of the first off the block 4:3 ratio tablets, by FNF, both appearing to be quality contributions are also 4:3 ratio tablets, with the FNF iFive Pro 2, leaning also in a hybrid direction – with a keyboard dock, usb c, finger print scanner and a dual boot operating system, one of which is a multitasking version of Android, and one is regular Android. Both the eight inch and 9.7 inch models just out from FNF have an impressive build quality, and reasonable price point. They both feature wireless charging, and the eight inch has a laminated screen at a very attractive price point. I will likely look at getting these in.

FNF iFive Mini 4s

The trend if very much clear, even amongst the top selling 4:3 ratio 9.7 inch tablets, hybrid is the new direction. As we look forward to an official hybrid OS by Google, and the ARM emulation by Microsoft, and some hot new chipsets coming out, which I’ll discuss during the week, 2017 is going to be a very exciting year for tablets, laptops and hybrids.