FNF new tablets

Techtablets has recently been doing some reviews on what look to be very promising 4:3 ratio tablets. The FNF iFive Mini 4S, has a great laminated screen, and wireless AC, as well as surprising performance. The price point is very compelling, especially for what it delivers.

The incoming iFive Mini 4G adds LTE. It comes in 4/32 and 2/16 variants giving us the first 8 inch tablet out of china with 4 GB of RAM, add the likely laminated screen, wireless charging and LTE, and I think for you guys, I might have found a winner.

I try to pick my stock with upmost care. I know that a few great options is better than a dozen mediocre ones. This FNF mini 4G, if the reviews pan out, could be an ideal handbang/shoulder bag tablet, giving you that extra power and screen real estate your smartphone lacks for more enjoyable portable computing.

And likewise this form factor is great for reading books (until a smartphone) and websites, making this the sort of tablet that is ideal for vacations, trains, buses and so on. It’s still early days, so I will see how it reviews before ordering it, but I have a good feeling about this tablet, and how it will satisfy your needs.

On the 9.7 inch front, a form factor that is wonderful around the home, and one I enjoy myself for that purpose, the tablet I use the x98 plus II, seems to be out of stock everywhere I ask. I am still looking for the next tablet there I will stock.

Hybrid though, it seems that the Hi10 Pro is finally at a price point I feel is worthy of the site. And that’s also a nice machine. Shouldn’t be too long before I get a few slabs in, so watch this space.