Windows Creators update, Game Mode & you

For those admittedly rarer Windows tablet users out there, something you might enjoy is the power to play desktop games, in addition to UWP app games. With Xbox titles in the Windows Store, there’s an increasing number of options – should your machine have the power to crunch them.

And that is often the question. While I can and do play games on my Windows tablet, it tends to stretch even beefy machines to the limit playing titles intended for desktop. Well gaming stretches the capacity, on any platform actually Android included.

So you may be pleased to hear, the upcoming Windows Creators update includes a special “Game mode”. We’ve been told, roughly how this works. Less CPU cycles will be reserved for background processes, a certain number of cores will be dedicated to the game processes and more GPU cycles. It will also ensure more game related processes remain resident in memory. On high end desktop gaming machines that probably won’t matter that much. But on a tablet, or hybrid, those extra cycles could make the difference between a quality level, a resolution, or simply playability.

How exactly this plays out, remains to be seen. And based on the language, it will only apply to compatible games. But I am quietly optimistic this update will be a real boon to hybrid and tablet gamers.

So what else can we expect to see in the Creators update?

Well, another little boon to tablet users, especially those who use tablet mode – folders in the start menu. Which means you can even put UWP apps in folders, and organise that space better.

Edge has some updates coming. A new tab handling feature, that gives you a preview mode. And also handy for tablet users the ability to read epub and pdf formats.

A lot of the focus of this update is on 3D content creation, and gaming. Along with a 3d paint tool, there will be a whole setting section devoted to gaming.

Speaking of Windows we have some stock coming in, don’t despair. For Windows fans, the solid Cube iWork10 hybrid will be available. It’s ideal for students, cheaper than a laptop, and has USB C, hdmi out, 4gb of ram, and a really nice variable angle keyboard and trackpad magnetic attachment. It also has stylus support if you have an arty streak. Comes with Android 5.1 in dual boot as well.

Cube iWork 10