Five Cool Kickstarter 5 Technologies

Bit of a quick one today, some really cool developments I’ve found, you’ll love to hear about. Up next, I’ll talk about Android Games and also Apps (NZ focused). On to the list!

1. Kerv Ring

The NFC Ring is claiming to be the first, but looks very much like Kickstarter Kerv beat them to the punch. This Near Field Communications ring, doesn’t just feature smart card style information linking. It can be preloaded with cash, and used as a contactless MasterCard payment system.
Other neat features include opening near field locks, unlocking your phone and sending web links like an e-business site, the big one is really that leaving home without a wallet thing. The more wearable tech they have like this, which means I can leave home wearing carrying less, the better. Better not lose it in the ocean!
It’s not cheap, but its fully developed, and you can buy it here. Or wait for the similar NFC Ring to release its payment ring.

2. Everlast Notebook

This is an interesting fusion of old and new. I like this, as it lets the creative scribbles go digital. It’s a real pen and paper notebook, that is erasable so the book can be infinitely re-used. Now the real interesting thing about this notebook is the electronic pairing. It has special features, and an app, so that you can automatically scan the pages into your book, in higher clarity than on the page (It enhances the images). It knows which page automatically, and shares with a particular cloud service automatically depending on which icon at the bottom of the page you strike.
Essentially this is a fusion of a pen and paper, and the electronic world. You can’t get rid of the immediacy of pen and paper, and I think this is a really clever idea.
Support their Kickstarter and get it here.

3. The SPUD

It stands for spontaneous pop up display. Which basically means a fold up package the size of a thick novel that can umbrella out into a projector display that’s 24 inches.  We know we all want that.
That has some pretty cool applications. Means you can finally, actually use your phone to watch movies. Out under the damned stars no less. It’s got to be really handy for presentations, and basically any other form of mobile computing.
The Kickstarter is still early days, but I am sure this one is coming to market, it’s too cool not to succeed.
Support it here.

4. The Knocki

This is a weird little one. Its a vibration controller that you stick to surfaces. Basically you activate and control your smart devices, by knocking on your wall or your table. Of course there are gesture controllers, and a lot of stuff like this around – but you’ve got to actually have smart fridges, lightbulbs, thermostats and all the rest before its any use – but its a little glimpse of the future.
Support their kickstarter here.

5. Smach Z

This prototype kind of blows me away. Okay, so this is a handheld gaming device, with a cool haptic controller system. But that’s not what is amazing – it’s the power they have packed into this thing.
It has a Quad core CPU running at, not boost, but native 2.1 Ghz. It has a Radeon R7 GPU, which believe me, is not shabby, it was a desktop gaming graphics card chipset. It can come with up to 8GB DDR4 RAM. And the PRO model has LTE.
This is a Linux or Windows 10 handheld gaming device, capable of natively playing things like Witcher 2, Borderlands 2 – games a lot of tablets and laptops will struggle with.
Get in on the action early here. It’s pretty next gen right?