Best 10 Android Games for Tablets

Whilst on a smaller device like a phone you might want casual games that are relatively simple, sometimes on a tablet you want that little bit extra. Here’s ten solid Android games for Tablets.

1. This War of Mine

Games for Android Tablets

This isn’t your typical game. It’s critically acclaimed game play is based around a group of besieged adults and children coping with basic matters of life. It’s harrowing atmosphere and beautiful illustration style graphics are definitely best enjoyed on a tablet.

2. Limbo

Limbo is beautiful on a big screen

This beautiful platform puzzler plays better on a tablet than a phone. It’s probably one of the most well received Android games there is. Play the demo here.

3. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

A Tablet is a must for this Android game

Here’s a great game that really doesn’t play well unless you have a big screen. It’s terrible on a smartphone. This is regarded as THE singular best CRPG of all time. Period. It’s got compelling storylines, interesting NPC characters, and is well beyond the depth you find in most Android RPGs. It’s a must play.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic

Star Wars is far too immersive not to play on a Tablet

One of the most highly regarded 3D third person RPGs in history. This is an engaging story and some truly difficult battles at the end. Like Baldur’s Gate EE, I played the heck out of this game. It’s also like a whole new take on the Star Wars Franchise.

5. GTA: San Andreas

One of the Best Android Games there is

Like many of the others here, far too decent looking, and deep in game play to be played on a phone. The Classic GTA third person sandbox shooter/driver, that is still very popular on all platforms. I like to ride motorbikes off cliffs. What about you?

6. The Room 3

The original Android puzzler

Essentially an “escape the room” puzzler, these beautiful games really do engage the brain, and look stunning on a tablet. Packed with logic puzzles, riddles, hidden objects -you’ll be captivated by the room series.

7. XCOM: Enemy Within

The game is not really playable without a Tablet

Like a lot of great games on Android, this one is a Windows port. It doesn’t play too well on a phone, but plays great on a tablet. Hours of strategic RPG combat game play fun are to be had with this AAA title.

Bard’s Tale

The Windows port is serious fun.

It’s a classic third person top down RPG, with a dash of humour. It’s deep story wise, nice looking, and has console like touch controls. If you’ve played a lot of RPGs you’ll find this RPG fantasy satire especially amusing.

9. Leo’s Fortune

Leo's Fortune is one of the best platformers on Android or Windows

Okay so maybe you don’t want intensely engaging all the time? Leo’s fortune is an attractive puzzle platformer that is a delightful time waster. And why waste graphics like this on a smartphone?

 10. Machinarium

This game will reall fustrate on a small screem. Play it on a tablet, you'll be much happier

This beautiful hand rendered puzzler will engage you with its puzzles and its unique atmosphere. Its modelled after the old “point and click” genre, although that doesn’t really fit with a touch screen 😛 The game is very intricate, and visual and it is perfect for a tablet.