Top Five Android Apps for New Zealanders

Kiwi? Planning on heading outdoors? Here’s some lesser known apps that will enhance your trip.

1. CamperMate

Amazing app that details all sorts of local detail about places across NZ. If you’re planning a road trip or going camping this gives you the locations of supermarkets, toilets, free Wi-Fi, campgrounds, hostels and more. A lot of data here!

2. NZ Tides

Very bare bones, but all the info you need for swimming, fishing, and boating along our beautiful coastline in terms of accurate tide times.

3. NZ’s Great Walks

Covers a great deal of detail about the larger walks across NZ. Doesn’t cover all the little tracks. But for the big ones, there’s plenty of details on routes, history and so on. Very well put together app.

4. SwellMap

Bit of a clunky interface but gives great swell information for surfers across NZ. 7 day forecasts based on the latest info.

5. MetService Snow Weather

There are a few of these MetService apps so I won’t link them all. The Snow weather app gives you 7 day forecasts of all NZ’s ski fields.