General News and Updates

This blog is more of a micro update than an article. I’m getting in the FNF iFive 4S, and the Teclast x98 Plus, both very solid modern tablets. I know my customers often prefer 9.7 inch tablets, despite the growth in hybrid devices. I use one myself, with windows, and it’s a pretty great form factor. So is the eight inch, ideal for one handed use. We really do our best at Tap That to provide the best quality cheaper tablets. This is important, because when it comes to less well known brands, people want to have trust in the products. You can get some fairly bland and even completely unreliable offers from big box stores, and still pay too much for them.

I’m getting myself one of those Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bands. Winner of the Red Dot design award. And I’ll write here about my experience with that. Xiaomi are known for making premium technology affordable, and as a bit of a fitness junky, I’ll be giving this the full spin! I’ll let you all know what my experience is, a week or two down the track.

Recently the Microsoft Surface took the crown from Apple, in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey, something Apple has been quite proud of for years. As the product is popular with early tech adopting millennial, and Windows is the biggest growth segment of the tablet market, as I have expected for some time, I think we are seeing a shift in the tablet market towards Windows. Both iOS and Android have seen declines.
Speaking of Windows on tablets – the Creators update comes this month, and with its updates to gaming performance, I am expecting to play Trine 2 touch only at even higher graphical settings. Really quite looking forward to seeing what the Creators update has to offer in general.
The BlackBerry community is waiting with baited breath for the release of the android device KEYone, and although I’m skeptical they can get a foothold at that price point, it will be interesting to see how blackberry fairs given the company has been so on the brink. New manufacturer TCL is the license holder for Alcatel and they have had decent success with some great smart phones.
Xiaomi is now the most preferred smart phone in India, a market they were trying to capture.