Microsoft Unveils Amazing Changes coming to Windows

Microsoft unveiled in its second day Keynote for the #MSBuild conference so many new amazing Windows features, it’s almost hard to know where to start!

They started with explaining how they are moving to expand stylus support system wide to the operating system which is pretty cool for us Tablet users (FYI, the Chuwi tablet I stock supports stylus and Windows). Not only this, they intend to expand stylus support beyond the screen, into Mixed Reality!

And then they also explained the new Design/Look of Windows 10 called “fluent design”, which features rich animations, depth, and translucency and frankly looks amazing.

But this is where it gets viral level. They have a new video editing app, “Story Remix”, that automatically takes the best moments of any video and compiles it, adds a soundtrack. It uses artificial intelligence and 3D tracking, so not only does it do the heavy lifting, but you can add 3D effects and writing to your videos (So your soccer ball turns into a fireball, or you get chased by a dinosaur). So the things movie makers have been doing for years suddenly will become accessible to anyone.

Not only this, but using MS Graph, Windows PCs will now support a new “timeline” feature, which remembers all your apps, tasks, what things you do on your computer, and allows you to seamlessly continue those tasks on _any_ device (Windows 10 mobile, iOS or Android). So you can start reading an article on your phone, finish on your tablet or edit a document on your PC, and finish it on your phone! Using liquid computing MS services are now going to be your portal to working seamlessly between devices.

In addition to this Onedrive will now support a feature called “on demand” files, which basically allows you to treat cloud files, as if they are local, share files with others, again across devices. Bringing the cloud, essentially closer to user.

Lastly, they announced both a new 3d tracking controller for mixed reality, and two cheaper Mixed Reality headsets from partner OEMs (A term they are promoting to replace AR/VR), coming in as cheap as 399 USD (Much cheaper than any that exist like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive). This is going to really bring along virtual reality, in terms of accessibility to the average person.

Yesterday they also made announcements about Cortana and Artificial Intelligence. They are expanding Cortana’s “skills” so that any developer can write new capabilities for her. There is a preview of this available to US citizens, where they can also get news, weather, order a pizza and more. Developers will also get access to a range of AI and machine learning APIs to add visual, audio and other Artificial intelligence to their apps. And yesterday they also demoed the new smart home device the “Invoke”

Cortana moves from the PC

It was an amazing keynote speech, and I suggest you check out some of the videos demoing these technologies, because Microsoft is fundamentally changing computing with its new focus on creation, seamless computing across devices, AR/VR and Artificial intelligence. With 500 million users already, the future of Windows is very bright.