Google announces interesting new technologies at Google I/O 2017

While it’s not quite the flash and wow of last year, there are some interesting announcements coming from this year’s Google I/O.

Google has been pushing an AI based direction. One of its most exciting announcements is a camera/picture based technology called Google Lens. This software can identify objects or places, and use that info, to say, identify a flower, or pull up a review from a picture (see above picture).

Google like Microsoft, are working to make their voice assistant more proactive. Their photos app will have more sharing functionality. They are launching a new Android One platform designed to run on low end devices, running smoothly on as little as 512mb of ram.

Lastly Google Play Protect, is software that warns users of suspicious app activity, to help plug androids greatest security vulnerability malware. As malware and app security issues slowly creep up for the platform, this is an important move.

Lastly Gmail smart reply extends their AI direction, by offering intelligently automatic reply options to emails that over time learn how you would respond.