Top 15: Windows 10 Mobile Games

Some of these games, marked with a *, can be played on desktop, or tablet. You may notice I have excluded some popular titles like Asphalt 8 and Dungeon Hunter 5 because they are riddled with ads and in-app purchases and basically annoying to play- a pet peeve of mine!

1. Leo’s Fortune*

A fun platformer, with simple controls, and a gorgeous 2D style. This game also has somewhat of a story, and a pinch of charm. Fun on a tablet, on mobile, or on a desktop, it’s almost the perfect “bus stop game”. Highly recommended.

2. Tiny Troopers*

The top down shooter has all sorts of variety it its missions. You control a team of little soldiers, and while cartoonish, the graphics are quite nice. It also features a sprinkle of humour. It has a sequel and works together with the Xbox version.

3. Deus Ex Go*

This, like the others so far, is a full UWP – that means you can play on any Windows device. The GO series is a masterful mobile gaming experience, Hitman GO, and Lara Croft GO are also both excellent titles. This is the cream of the crop, graphically and strategically – It’s a turn based puzzle game, which works like a strategic board game, set in a cyberpunk setting. Another solid, go to mobile game.

4. Prune*

Time magazine’s game of the year 2015, Prune is a peaceful game where the aim is to cultivate trees. A different and attractive indie game, with a style that will help you cultivate your zen.

5. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade*

Another game to reach critical acclaim, Warhammer Freeblade runs not only on PC, tablet and mobile, but is a continuum game that can be played in continuum mode on your windows phone, making this a more flexible experience on Windows phones. You pilot a massive robot in this casual freemium shooter, which features lovely 3D graphics, and you don’t feel like you HAVE to buy the in-app upgrades. Addictive!

6. Dream Machine*

This captivating machine based puzzler, has you solving optical illusion puzzles, fighting bosses, and resolving logic based puzzles. It’s visually a treat, and more than worth the cheap entry price.

7. Forza Motor Sport

A beautiful racing simulator for your windows mobile phone. Enjoyable gameplay, that unlike many racers is not too difficult to control.

8. Theft Inc. Stealth*

This is one of very few stealth games on a mobile platform. It’s easy to pick up, and features some very attractive top down graphics.

9. Lara Croft Relic Run

I’m not a huge fan of endless runners, but this one features some novel gameplay, and some very attractive graphics. Its head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

10. Metro 2033 Wars

This is a strategy game, which features management, and top down combat. It’s a turn based open world game, set in a post-apocalyptic world. It’s got enjoyable gameplay and a grim ambience.

11. Quarto*

This is a game for two players. It is a novel board game where the goal is to create a line of pieces with a shared characteristic. Could be a good way to pass time on holiday, or on a plane journey.

12. Shadow Fight 2

This game has a separate edition for desktop and tablets. It’s a bit of a mixture of an RPG story line, and a fighting game, but its addictive gameplay that gets the line right between challenging and achievable. You’ll be engaged!

13. Abyss*

This extremely challenging game may be more frustrating that enjoyable to some, but for those that like a real challenge, you will love this game where you swim a biomechanical robot through various hazards. Think flappy birds on crack, with nicer graphics.

14. Poly and the Marble Maze*

This is a attractive modern platformer, where you guide a ball through a maze. It’s fun and challenging, and sits nicely amongst these stellar mobile titles.

15. Halo Spartan Assault*

This is a fun casual shooter based in the Halo universe. Its visually impressive, although the simple game play does not suit extended play. It does have a sequel if you want to keep playing on.

Let me know in the comments if you think there’s anything I’ve missed!