20 Best Apps for Windows Desktop and Tablet

For ease of use, fast loading, notifications and other functionality, proper “UWP” apps can offer a preferable experience on Windows, especially on a tablet. But what are the best apps around on the platform? What follows is a short summary, and a link to the windows store where you can get them. If your after games for tablet as well, look no further and follow these links:
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1. Facebook

Facebook is the current king of social messaging. Whilst recently its been plagued with censorship issues in an attempt to be more family friendly, it’s still the number 1 way to keep in touch online.

2. Skype


Synonymous with video chat, this is the biggest name in the field. With superb noise cancellation technology, for one on one chats or small group chats this is a must have.

3. Spotify
The most popular music streaming service. Spotify recently came to the windows store, and the app is a pleasure to use. Obviously much better with a subscription.

4. Twitter

For the latest current events, twitter is number 1 in being up to date. They recently extended the character limit to twice the size. This app is another must have.

5. myTube!

A great YouTube client. You can, sure run your youtube in a browser but this will deliver a but more responsive experience. Does cost 99 cents, but for the features it offers, it’s worth it.

6. Instagram

The windows Instagram client is very similar to the apple version. Instagram puts good work into their app, so if your a user, it’s a no brainer.

7. Netflix

Without a question, Netflix is huge these days. Smooth streaming and a decent catalogue of TV and movies, the Netflix app on Windows also allows local downloads, for later offline viewing.

8. Flipboard
Flipboard is a treat to use. It collates news articles and RSS feeds from multiple locations, so you can compile your own collections and have a magazine style reading experience custom tailored to you!

9. Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint is a painting and drawing program that works excellently with a stylus. It emulated various papers, paints and physical mediums.

10. FL Studio Mobile

Surprisingly powerful for what is essentially a composition software designed for phones, and a great deal cheaper than the desktop full studio version.

11. Aviary’s “Photo Editor”

Photo Editor
One of my personal favourite photo editors, because of the lush colour filters. Add a sparkle to your Instagram and other photos.

12. Messenger
Facebook Messenger
The companion messaging app for Facebook, a must have for Facebook users. On desktop and tablet, these apps are ported from the iOS versions, and are a pleasure to use.

13. Torrex Pro
Torrex Pro
One of the few UWP torrenting apps, you have to pay for the ad-less version, but it works well and worth a look.

14. TreeSize Free

A must have utility in my opinion. This app helps you find the files and folders on your drives that take up the most space, so you can manage your drive use with precision.

15. Kodi
Kodi is an absolutely brilliant app. It provides a media cataloguing system that automatically gathers art, descriptions, can be used as well for streaming radio and TV. If you have a locally stored media collection, or a dedicated media box, it’s definitely worth a look.

16. Timber
Timber is a third party tinder app. It works well, and also provides a desktop access to the dating app which is handy for messaging, and looking through photos.

17. Kobo Books
Kobo Books
A great reader and book store app, for it’s namesake.

18. Pandora
Pandora is a great little audio streaming app. It let’s you play an unlimited selection of songs, that are like another song you select. Find more of what you like, or use it like a radio station.

19. Audiocloud
A Soundcloud based app for finding free music via Soundcloud’s streaming system. There is some great indie stuff on Soundcloud, DJ sets, and a lot of music you won’t find elsewhere all for free.

20. Easy Movie Maker
Easy Movie Maker
If you want to put together amateur home videos, or for posting on social media, a movie editing app doesn’t get more easy to use and straightforward than this.