Breif News Update

Intel’s incoming Gemini Lake

Intel has announced a new successor to the Apollo Lake chipset, popular in many of the higher end 2 in 1 tablets. This iteration of the processor, draws on process level improvements to lower power draw – which in turn is primarily being used to raise CPU clock speeds. It also features a large L2 cache, and supports twice the memory up to 16GB. And for some nice side bonuses, it supports HDMI 2.0 and DDR4 RAM, has a faster GPU, and features intergrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
While we can’t be sure of the clock speed improvements yet, this is pretty big news for the affordable but performance tablet market – Faster than Apollo lake, and capable of up to 16GB, I suspect we will hit some new performance highs in the following Chinese market.

Windows on ARM
Speaking of which, we are now only months away from Microsoft’s release of its first Windows on ARM device in December. We will most certainly be dealing with a number of firsts for windows tablets – built in 4G and calling, always on connectivity as well as thinner, longer life devices. This too will likely spur a large amount of innovation in new form factors, further blurring the lines between PC, laptop, tablet and phone.