Top Ten Tiny space saving ideas for Kiwis

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I’m expecting some very exciting tablets to be coming from Microsoft over the Christmas period, as their very first Windows on ARM devices come out. Likewise China usually has a new generation start to come out over this period. So there will be a lot to cover. But in the meantime, I’ve got something a little different for you all.
In keeping with the flexible mobile theme of tablets, I’ve been researching the growing Tiny home phenomena, and dreaming of a little patch of dirt of my own. In my research I’ve found quite a few little gems that might inspire home owners, builders or just someone looking for some space saving gems in their apartment. Now probably anyone deeply into Tiny homes is a bit familiar with these already, but even then, perhaps there’s a few ideas you didn’t know about.

The List!
10. Convertible Bean bags
Ever wanted a bean bag that turns into a comfy mattress? Perfect for kids bedrooms in tight tiny home spaces, or guests.

9. CheapĀ  tiny fire places
This is a kiwi outfit. They make fireplaces, even wetback fireplaces for small spaces. They are constructed out of old gas cylinders, and offer fantastic value for money.

8. Folding coffee table
This one isn’t exactly revolutionary – it’s a folding coffee table. But it’s good looking and features a solid construction. Lot of good space saving stuff coming out of Asia.

7. Drop leaf desk
Ever wanted a desk space, but don’t have the space? This nice looking drop leaf fold up desk would be great for a laptop or hybrid tablet, for students or professionals. Equally could be used for dining.

6. Mini-kitchens
These kiwi sold mini kitchens generally come stacked full of appliances. You can get everything you need in a contained single unit. Ideal for tiny apartments, or studio flats.

5. Uno modular convertible sofas and armchairs
These aren’t classically convertible space saving furniture items, but they are very nice, flexible modular designs that both save space, and offer increased functionality.

4. Make your own murphy bed
If your a bit handy, or want a specific design – you can get the hinge kits a lot more cheaply on Aliexpress than you can buy them locally.

3. Photo realistic wall prints
These high resolution wall prints are an American made product, and I am not sure about their shipping policy – but if you want a brick or wood wall, and can’t fit the space, or the weight, this is a good option to transform a feature wall into another material. You’ll find a lot of the other stuff at world famous resource furniture sold at our own space saving furniture below.

2. Murphy beds @ Space Saving Furniture
Space saving furniture has a huge range of space saving products, particularly fully featured murphy wall beds. Want a desk that turns into a bed, or a bookshelf, or a sofa that turns into a bed? They have convertible tables and all sorts. Definitely a must see for most tiny home enthusiasts.

If your looking for self contained homes, I’ve compiled a few of them here together. IQ Container Homes offers complete, even off grid container homes – although they aren’t bargain basement, they are very complete packages.

Houseme has some extremely affordable one level studio on wheels configurations. They do look they are built using cheap SIPs and materials, but they come packaged with the mobile extras and you can add some decent insulation. Can go up to 7.2×2.8 or so with a trailer, which can be towed with a decent consumer tow vehicle. Hard to beat prices like this.

Podlife has some really nice looking cheap 15m2 one level designs. They can come self contained, and have nice extra’s like a big deck. I’ve honestly not seen anything this cheap in a design that can be consented (and is also transportable, although not wheeled).

For those looking for something on land, but a bit more elite, Cool House has some small fabulous eco designs.