Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review: Best cheap smartband period

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Band

As promised, a quick little review on the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This snazzy little smart band is significantly cheaper than any of the well known competition, and while its software is relatively simple, the design is solid. It’s at least shower/rain waterproof, and has quite a long battery life (More than a week by my estimation without Bluetooth discovery on).

The device itself tells time, measures heart rate pretty accurately (if you hold still, like all these devices), and counts steps.

The Mi Fit app does most of the stuff you’ll find useful, syncing this data to your phone, changing the device settings, and giving you alerts for apps, messages and phone calls. I’m not sure I found the app/text message notification that useful, as I usually notice my phone give such notifications anyway, You can get a third party app that gives content (such as the actual text of the message), do continuous heartrate monitoring and more, expanding the usefulness of the band.

or heartrate, a spot check here and there lets me know what my resting heart rate is (a measure of fitness), and the rate my heart gets up to during exercise (which is helpful for endurance training, or fat burning).

Unfortunately the step counter does not let you change stride length. Mine is particularly long, so I found on a long walk, it would miss 20% of the total distance next to the “Runkeeper” app, which uses GPS (but isn’t nearly as convenient to use). In future I’ll just bump whatever I see up 20%.

It has lift to view, and shake to toggle, and its capacitive touch button is stylish and responsive.

Mi Fit does also sync with Google Fit, and in addition it has in built features for Xiaomi’s smart watches, and smart scales. I’d guess as a package, with the scales and the smart band or watch it’s pretty useful for tracking progress and health. The scales can estimate body fat percentage as well (only a rough estimate but still useful).

The downside here is that virtually no bands can measure strength training. The Samsung watches have a third party app that can measure exercise reps, but that’s literally the only one I know of. Fortunately because I do high intensity, I’m more concerned with total time, total weight, and my heart rate during exercise, so counting reps wouldn’t be that useful.

The Mi Fit app does have a running section, as I haven’t started running, I haven’t trialled it. It seems to track heart rate during a run. Combined with something like Runkeeper for pace, it might be quite useful.

Overall for the price, you simply cannot beat it. The hardware design won an award, and there’s a host of third party straps in different colours, and metal, leather etc. It has all the basic features of any smart band, and because the app also incorporates Google Fit syncing, and other smart gear like scales it’s actually ahead of the pack in many regards – there are high end fitness bands that do neither. Xiaomi continues to impress.

What is new in the Windows Creators update and how do you get it?

Windows HoloLens 3D

So I got the update early by running the update assistant. You can find that here.

A lot of the tablets on sale in our store and Windows and Android tablets. So I like to keep my readers abreast of both. Looking around, this is not a minor update!

There are a lot of notable changes. For example -It seems to me like they plan to merge windows 10 mobile into Windows 10 proper, because there are options like mobile hotspot, SMS/MMS options and so on. I think that’s hopeful for windows mobile users, who essentially have a stripped down version of the OS.

The settings section includes a lot more options. There’s a hugely expanded privacy section, which will be a welcome addition for those who have complained about data mining in the modern age. There’s a cool thing too, which doesn’t sound as cool as it is, playable ads. What this actually is, is a way of demoing paid apps and games without downloading or playing for them, using a sort of streaming preview. So you can try before you buy. Which is pretty cool for those that like me that prefer paid apps and games to freemium ones.

There’s an option to lock down win32 applications, so they can only be installed from the windows store. I imagine this would be useful for enterprise/business environments, and also might encourage more people to put their programs in the windows store (Which would be easier than the multiple stores windows users have to deal with now).

There’s a neat little option called nightlight that lowers the blue light in the screen display, which interferes with the natural production of melatonin, the thing that makes us tired at night. Previously I’d used “F.lux” for this, but its great to have this baked into Windows.

Microsoft is really pushing its 3D angle, integrating 3D content into paint, PowerPoint, and working with hardware partners to make VR cheaper. I think this is a bit of work in progress, as we don’t have those cheap VR devices yet, but I expect when all the work is done it will be a huge step up from google cardboard, especially being baked into the OS.

Of course I mentioned, the very important to tablets, feature of game mode, that lets you squeeze at least a few extra frames per second out of games. I’ve seen some demo’s for this, and there is no doubt in my mind this will be a real game changer for tablets, even if you only get 4 more frames a second, even bit counts at this level. It also lets you record, share, and stream game content.

Very useful feature is the ability to pin people to your taskbar, where you can directly drag and drop files and links to them. Very useful for workflow.

They have added full pen support for Edge, and Word, the “Ink” software allowing people to scribble and share notes they have added to web pages and documents. Which is both great for enterprise, and for home users.

The Edge browser has received some major updates. The ability to save tabs into collections for later, and a preview pane to view previews of your tabs, as well as some optimisation so the lightweight browser runs faster. I’ve been using this browser myself recently, you can’t really beat the UI where you can get downloads, history, bookmarks all from the same place.

There is probably a lot more I haven’t covered, I’ve only had the update for a few hours now but it surprises me just how many new features there are. Microsoft are working hard to build us the OS of the future.

Windows Creators Edition 3D

General News and Updates

This blog is more of a micro update than an article. I’m getting in the FNF iFive 4S, and the Teclast x98 Plus, both very solid modern tablets. I know my customers often prefer 9.7 inch tablets, despite the growth in hybrid devices. I use one myself, with windows, and it’s a pretty great form factor. So is the eight inch, ideal for one handed use. We really do our best at Tap That to provide the best quality cheaper tablets. This is important, because when it comes to less well known brands, people want to have trust in the products. You can get some fairly bland and even completely unreliable offers from big box stores, and still pay too much for them.

I’m getting myself one of those Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bands. Winner of the Red Dot design award. And I’ll write here about my experience with that. Xiaomi are known for making premium technology affordable, and as a bit of a fitness junky, I’ll be giving this the full spin! I’ll let you all know what my experience is, a week or two down the track.

Recently the Microsoft Surface took the crown from Apple, in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey, something Apple has been quite proud of for years. As the product is popular with early tech adopting millennial, and Windows is the biggest growth segment of the tablet market, as I have expected for some time, I think we are seeing a shift in the tablet market towards Windows. Both iOS and Android have seen declines.
Speaking of Windows on tablets – the Creators update comes this month, and with its updates to gaming performance, I am expecting to play Trine 2 touch only at even higher graphical settings. Really quite looking forward to seeing what the Creators update has to offer in general.
The BlackBerry community is waiting with baited breath for the release of the android device KEYone, and although I’m skeptical they can get a foothold at that price point, it will be interesting to see how blackberry fairs given the company has been so on the brink. New manufacturer TCL is the license holder for Alcatel and they have had decent success with some great smart phones.
Xiaomi is now the most preferred smart phone in India, a market they were trying to capture.


Best 10 Android Games for Tablets

Whilst on a smaller device like a phone you might want casual games that are relatively simple, sometimes on a tablet you want that little bit extra. Here’s ten solid Android games for Tablets.

1. This War of Mine

Games for Android Tablets

This isn’t your typical game. It’s critically acclaimed game play is based around a group of besieged adults and children coping with basic matters of life. It’s harrowing atmosphere and beautiful illustration style graphics are definitely best enjoyed on a tablet.

2. Limbo

Limbo is beautiful on a big screen

This beautiful platform puzzler plays better on a tablet than a phone. It’s probably one of the most well received Android games there is. Play the demo here.

3. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

A Tablet is a must for this Android game

Here’s a great game that really doesn’t play well unless you have a big screen. It’s terrible on a smartphone. This is regarded as THE singular best CRPG of all time. Period. It’s got compelling storylines, interesting NPC characters, and is well beyond the depth you find in most Android RPGs. It’s a must play.

4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic

Star Wars is far too immersive not to play on a Tablet

One of the most highly regarded 3D third person RPGs in history. This is an engaging story and some truly difficult battles at the end. Like Baldur’s Gate EE, I played the heck out of this game. It’s also like a whole new take on the Star Wars Franchise.

5. GTA: San Andreas

One of the Best Android Games there is

Like many of the others here, far too decent looking, and deep in game play to be played on a phone. The Classic GTA third person sandbox shooter/driver, that is still very popular on all platforms. I like to ride motorbikes off cliffs. What about you?

6. The Room 3

The original Android puzzler

Essentially an “escape the room” puzzler, these beautiful games really do engage the brain, and look stunning on a tablet. Packed with logic puzzles, riddles, hidden objects -you’ll be captivated by the room series.

7. XCOM: Enemy Within

The game is not really playable without a Tablet

Like a lot of great games on Android, this one is a Windows port. It doesn’t play too well on a phone, but plays great on a tablet. Hours of strategic RPG combat game play fun are to be had with this AAA title.

Bard’s Tale

The Windows port is serious fun.

It’s a classic third person top down RPG, with a dash of humour. It’s deep story wise, nice looking, and has console like touch controls. If you’ve played a lot of RPGs you’ll find this RPG fantasy satire especially amusing.

9. Leo’s Fortune

Leo's Fortune is one of the best platformers on Android or Windows

Okay so maybe you don’t want intensely engaging all the time? Leo’s fortune is an attractive puzzle platformer that is a delightful time waster. And why waste graphics like this on a smartphone?

 10. Machinarium

This game will reall fustrate on a small screem. Play it on a tablet, you'll be much happier

This beautiful hand rendered puzzler will engage you with its puzzles and its unique atmosphere. Its modelled after the old “point and click” genre, although that doesn’t really fit with a touch screen 😛 The game is very intricate, and visual and it is perfect for a tablet.


Top Five Android Apps for New Zealanders

Beaitful New Zealand

Kiwi? Planning on heading outdoors? Here’s some lesser known apps that will enhance your trip.

1. CamperMate

Amazing app that details all sorts of local detail about places across NZ. If you’re planning a road trip or going camping this gives you the locations of supermarkets, toilets, free Wi-Fi, campgrounds, hostels and more. A lot of data here!

2. NZ Tides

Very bare bones, but all the info you need for swimming, fishing, and boating along our beautiful coastline in terms of accurate tide times.

3. NZ’s Great Walks

Covers a great deal of detail about the larger walks across NZ. Doesn’t cover all the little tracks. But for the big ones, there’s plenty of details on routes, history and so on. Very well put together app.

4. SwellMap

Bit of a clunky interface but gives great swell information for surfers across NZ. 7 day forecasts based on the latest info.

5. MetService Snow Weather

There are a few of these MetService apps so I won’t link them all. The Snow weather app gives you 7 day forecasts of all NZ’s ski fields.

Five Cool Kickstarter 5 Technologies

Bit of a quick one today, some really cool developments I’ve found, you’ll love to hear about. Up next, I’ll talk about Android Games and also Apps (NZ focused). On to the list!

1. Kerv Ring

The NFC Ring is claiming to be the first, but looks very much like Kickstarter Kerv beat them to the punch. This Near Field Communications ring, doesn’t just feature smart card style information linking. It can be preloaded with cash, and used as a contactless MasterCard payment system.
Other neat features include opening near field locks, unlocking your phone and sending web links like an e-business site, the big one is really that leaving home without a wallet thing. The more wearable tech they have like this, which means I can leave home wearing carrying less, the better. Better not lose it in the ocean!
It’s not cheap, but its fully developed, and you can buy it here. Or wait for the similar NFC Ring to release its payment ring.

2. Everlast Notebook

This is an interesting fusion of old and new. I like this, as it lets the creative scribbles go digital. It’s a real pen and paper notebook, that is erasable so the book can be infinitely re-used. Now the real interesting thing about this notebook is the electronic pairing. It has special features, and an app, so that you can automatically scan the pages into your book, in higher clarity than on the page (It enhances the images). It knows which page automatically, and shares with a particular cloud service automatically depending on which icon at the bottom of the page you strike.
Essentially this is a fusion of a pen and paper, and the electronic world. You can’t get rid of the immediacy of pen and paper, and I think this is a really clever idea.
Support their Kickstarter and get it here.

3. The SPUD

It stands for spontaneous pop up display. Which basically means a fold up package the size of a thick novel that can umbrella out into a projector display that’s 24 inches.  We know we all want that.
That has some pretty cool applications. Means you can finally, actually use your phone to watch movies. Out under the damned stars no less. It’s got to be really handy for presentations, and basically any other form of mobile computing.
The Kickstarter is still early days, but I am sure this one is coming to market, it’s too cool not to succeed.
Support it here.

4. The Knocki

This is a weird little one. Its a vibration controller that you stick to surfaces. Basically you activate and control your smart devices, by knocking on your wall or your table. Of course there are gesture controllers, and a lot of stuff like this around – but you’ve got to actually have smart fridges, lightbulbs, thermostats and all the rest before its any use – but its a little glimpse of the future.
Support their kickstarter here.

5. Smach Z

This prototype kind of blows me away. Okay, so this is a handheld gaming device, with a cool haptic controller system. But that’s not what is amazing – it’s the power they have packed into this thing.
It has a Quad core CPU running at, not boost, but native 2.1 Ghz. It has a Radeon R7 GPU, which believe me, is not shabby, it was a desktop gaming graphics card chipset. It can come with up to 8GB DDR4 RAM. And the PRO model has LTE.
This is a Linux or Windows 10 handheld gaming device, capable of natively playing things like Witcher 2, Borderlands 2 – games a lot of tablets and laptops will struggle with.
Get in on the action early here. It’s pretty next gen right?

25 Best Touch Games for Windows Tablets

You might be bored of freemium blandness in the Windows Store, or trying to figure out what desktop games on Steam actually work with touch;

Maybe you’ve got a Microsoft Surface?

Here’s a list of genuinely great Windows games for tablets using touch mode only.

1. Shadowrun Dragon Fall Directors Cut

Touch Windows Games Tablet

Shadowrun Dragon Fall Directors Cut is a turn based strategic RPG, with a top down isometric veiw. It’s beautiful, atmospheric and well scripted. If you like RPGs, and tablets and you haven’t tried this you are missing out.  In 2012, magic returned to our world unleashing magical creatures. Among them was the Great Dragon Feuerschwinge, who emerged without warning from the mountains of Germany.

2. Machinarium

Machinarium is 2D hand drawn adventure puzzler. It’s story driven with extraordinary art. A robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city must return and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood and save his robot-girl friend. 

*Use the Windows store version, it’s touch enabled

3. Trine 2

Windows Tablet Games

Trine 2 is a stunning platform puzzler, that is as engrossing as a one player game, as it is amazing fun as a two player game. It was updated to touch native interface on steam in 2014. All the recommendations – this is a must play. Join Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief in their adventure full of friendship, magic and betrayal.

*Get the Steam version, it’s touch enabled

4. Civilization 5

Touch Games Windows

Another desktop title with full touch support, this turn based strategy game is filled with interesting cut scenes and deep complexity. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age

5. Leo’s Fortune

Windows Store Games

Another attractive platformer, with hand drawn graphics. A fun game with great controls. Hunt down the cunning and mysterious thief that stole your gold.

*Play the Windows store version which is touch enabled, not the HD version designed for keyboard

6. Legend of Grimrock 2

Touch Only Windows Games

An old school RPG dungeon crawler, with puzzles and real time combat. Both versions come with touch options, and the sequel expands on the size and look of it’s forerunner. A group of four prisoners have shipwrecked on the secluded Isle of Nex. The island is filled with ancient crumbled ruins, mysterious shrines and a vast underground network of dungeons and mines

*Enable touch mode and movement arrows.

7. The Room 2

Games for Tablet Windows

An engaging puzzler that makes for a doctor’s office or train ride game that will stretch your deduction and observation skills! Follow a trail of cryptic letters from an enigmatic scientist known only as “AS”

8. Botanicula

Botanicula is a enchanting humour filled adventure game by the makers of Machinarium. Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites

9. Banner Saga

This role-playing Viking saga is an engaging story with hand drawn art. Make allies as you travel with your caravan across this stunning yet harsh landscape.

*Disable DPS scaling in compatibility settings from shortcut.

10. The Room

The original mobile puzzler, this enticing  brain teaser beats the crap out of candy crush. A mysterious invitation leads to the attic of an abandoned house

 11. Osmos

If you’re looking for a Zen womblike physics based game, Osmos is your jam. The music and atmosphere makes an ideal time filler.

*Will  need gesture key mapping for Windows version – use GestureSign (See below). The Windows version is not designed for touch but it works with this hack.

12. Legend of Grimrock

The original dungeon crawling old school RPG filled with puzzles, traps and very engrossing. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exiling them to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes, a mountain filled with ancient tunnels, dungeons and tombs.

*Activate touch mode

 13. Deus Ex GO

The GO series games are turn based puzzle games, optimized for mobile casual gaming. They are good looking and simple but engaging. Deus EX offers a cyberpunk them, and has the best game play of the series.

14. Shadowrun Returns

Harebrain schemes original cyberpunk fantasy RPG strategy game. Lovely to play on a tablet, reclining on the sofa, or even in bed! You are a shadowrunner – a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone.

 15. Hitman GO

The first of the GO series, with a beautiful miniature aesthetic, the GO series games are turn based puzzlers optimized for mobile gaming. Hitman provides an assassin theme. My favourite of the series for the graphics.

16. Civilization Beyond Earth

Also completely touch optimized, Civilization Beyond earth is a civilization building turn based strategy game that takes place on a space colony.

17. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Touch enabled Windows games

You’ll notice I haven’t got many freemium games in here. Only the best ones made the cut. Asphalt 8 airborne is NOT a driving simulator by any stretch of the imagination but is an exciting racing arcade game perfect for casual stress relief.

18. Lara Croft GO

Games for Microsoft Surface

Like the others in the Go series, this is a mobile optimized turn based puzzler. In this game you are playing the Tomb Raider. Natural graphics and exploration makes for a fun experience.

19. Modern Combat 5 – Blackout

The highest rated first person shooter in the Windows store and definitely one of the best freemium games period. This game looks great and plays great. Not as deep as a desktop FPS, but as good as you’ll get for a touch one.

20. Minecraft

The most popular game in the Windows store, the Windows store version is touch native (touch enabled).

21. Sonic Dash

One of the most popular freemium runners for windows. Good time wasting fun, and occasionally actually challenging unlike some of the others.

22. Call of Duty: Heroes

A top down strategy game, this game is the best of the freemium war builder strategy category. It’s a nice looking game which features multiplayer, so you can play with your friends.

23. Tiny troopers

This bullet heavy cartoon-like top down shooter features great classic game play. It’s a little old school, reminds me of some old arcade top down shooter games. Take control of a platoon of crack soldiers and deploy in a variety or war zones as you battle through the epic campaign.

 24. Calvino Noir

Games for Windows Tablets

This side scrolling point and click adventure is sometimes let down by its game play, which can move a bit slowly, but it is held up by its story, atmosphere and lush graphics. Good if you don’t mind slow moving games with a narrative.

25. Halo Spartan Assault

Best games for Windows Tablets

Halo Spartan assault is a touch based top down shooter, situated in the world of Halo. It’s a nice looking game, plays well but perhaps a little simple at times for a shooter. Good for casual play.


5 Best Game apps for Windows Tablet

There are some apps that extend the number of games you can play on Windows tablet quite a bit from the list above.

 1. GestureSign

GestureSign is a free product, that can add touch gestures for keyboard presses which makes some games, like say Torment: Tides of Numenera playable in touch only (Provided its stable on your device – Numenera doesn’t seem to play well with ATOM based processors yet).

It’s useful for numerous games, although personal experience shows it doesn’t work in full screen mode for 100% of games (like Most Wanted 2005 for example). 

For those games that are just missing a key press or two, and work primarily with mouse, this is what you want. And in general it’s actually a damn cool app. Something like this should be built into windows. Seriously. It’s a handy thing being able to customise gestures.


PPSSPP is a PSP emulator. Some form of controller, touch based or physical will be required to work it, but with something like the Ipega 9023, you now basically have a PSP handheld gaming device built into your Windows device (you’ll need to map the buttons). If you have the inclination for game emulators, this could be your ticket.

3. TouchMousePointer

You can get this app for free online. It basically converts your touch surface into a trackpad, like a mouse. Very handy for those mouse driven games that refuse to play with touch screen. Between this and GestureSign you can get a lot of things to work that wouldn’t with touch. Also should very much be built into Windows.

*If you feel like splashing out a little cash for the most recent incarnations try either Tablet Pro below or this app here.

4. TouchFox

TouchFox is a touch based game controller. It is compatible with games like Skyrim, Witcher 2, Crysis 2 and many more. If you want to expand your game list in touch only, and you have a fairly high end windows tablet (the games it works with are reasonably graphical), this is the business. Not sure if it’s hardware compatible with all chipsets, so try the trial first.

5. Tablet Pro

Tablet Pro features a touch gamepad as well as numerous tablet enhancing UI commands. The touch tablet operates as an Xbox one controller, and it also provides a touch mouse. I put this one last because I know its previous incarnations and it looks great I haven’t tested it. There doesn’t seem to be any reviews on the gamepad function yet either. But it does look promising, and they developed the TouchMousePointer app above (which is excellent) that is part of this suite. Try the trial first, see how it works. 


Windows Creators update, Game Mode & you

Windows Tablets NZ

For those admittedly rarer Windows tablet users out there, something you might enjoy is the power to play desktop games, in addition to UWP app games. With Xbox titles in the Windows Store, there’s an increasing number of options – should your machine have the power to crunch them.

And that is often the question. While I can and do play games on my Windows tablet, it tends to stretch even beefy machines to the limit playing titles intended for desktop. Well gaming stretches the capacity, on any platform actually Android included.

So you may be pleased to hear, the upcoming Windows Creators update includes a special “Game mode”. We’ve been told, roughly how this works. Less CPU cycles will be reserved for background processes, a certain number of cores will be dedicated to the game processes and more GPU cycles. It will also ensure more game related processes remain resident in memory. On high end desktop gaming machines that probably won’t matter that much. But on a tablet, or hybrid, those extra cycles could make the difference between a quality level, a resolution, or simply playability.

How exactly this plays out, remains to be seen. And based on the language, it will only apply to compatible games. But I am quietly optimistic this update will be a real boon to hybrid and tablet gamers.

So what else can we expect to see in the Creators update?

Well, another little boon to tablet users, especially those who use tablet mode – folders in the start menu. Which means you can even put UWP apps in folders, and organise that space better.

Edge has some updates coming. A new tab handling feature, that gives you a preview mode. And also handy for tablet users the ability to read epub and pdf formats.

A lot of the focus of this update is on 3D content creation, and gaming. Along with a 3d paint tool, there will be a whole setting section devoted to gaming.

Speaking of Windows we have some stock coming in, don’t despair. For Windows fans, the solid Cube iWork10 hybrid will be available. It’s ideal for students, cheaper than a laptop, and has USB C, hdmi out, 4gb of ram, and a really nice variable angle keyboard and trackpad magnetic attachment. It also has stylus support if you have an arty streak. Comes with Android 5.1 in dual boot as well.

Cube iWork 10

Order in next few weeks

Finally got to the point where I have sourced the tablets I want for you guys. I know you love the 4:3 ratio tablets as do I, and while there are a few midrange ones finally coming out in the western market later this year, the Chinese market produced very little last year, and that which they did, sold out completely.

Fortunately the company FNF have released two, both of which are produced to quite premium standards – wireless as, metal backing, great screens – modern devices that I think you will love. So very soon the store will be back up and running again. As the owner, I am completely committed to picking the best possible products, creating a good shopping experience, and providing New Zealand with the best affordable tablets available. Quality modern tablets should not have to cost the earth.

FNF new tablets

Techtablets has recently been doing some reviews on what look to be very promising 4:3 ratio tablets. The FNF iFive Mini 4S, has a great laminated screen, and wireless AC, as well as surprising performance. The price point is very compelling, especially for what it delivers.

The incoming iFive Mini 4G adds LTE. It comes in 4/32 and 2/16 variants giving us the first 8 inch tablet out of china with 4 GB of RAM, add the likely laminated screen, wireless charging and LTE, and I think for you guys, I might have found a winner.

I try to pick my stock with upmost care. I know that a few great options is better than a dozen mediocre ones. This FNF mini 4G, if the reviews pan out, could be an ideal handbang/shoulder bag tablet, giving you that extra power and screen real estate your smartphone lacks for more enjoyable portable computing.

And likewise this form factor is great for reading books (until a smartphone) and websites, making this the sort of tablet that is ideal for vacations, trains, buses and so on. It’s still early days, so I will see how it reviews before ordering it, but I have a good feeling about this tablet, and how it will satisfy your needs.

On the 9.7 inch front, a form factor that is wonderful around the home, and one I enjoy myself for that purpose, the tablet I use the x98 plus II, seems to be out of stock everywhere I ask. I am still looking for the next tablet there I will stock.

Hybrid though, it seems that the Hi10 Pro is finally at a price point I feel is worthy of the site. And that’s also a nice machine. Shouldn’t be too long before I get a few slabs in, so watch this space.