Small update & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2016 is a good one for everyone 🙂

Just a little update. The Chuwi Hi8 and Hi10 are now possible for me to get in, so I’ll be getting them in with my next stock order. Chuwi also have a 12 inch tablet coming soon. Finally not just thew Hi10 but a range of 10 inch Chinese tablets are coming with folding keyboard docks like the ASUS transformer series (Like the Cube iWork10). That I am happy about. Also both tablets have USB 3.0 ports.

That said, the Chuwi Vi10, which I have in stock, still has the more powerful CPU (3736F), and some very nice materials in the construction. So which one wants will be a matter of preference.

With some disappointing initial releases that I avoided stocking, it’s nice to see we now have a range of solid new releases, that I think are pretty exciting.

Cheap Tablets in NZ this Christmas

I just wanted to give a little update, as well as to introduce folk to what we are doing here at Tap That.

In a commercial chain store, if you want to buy a tablet, your options are either premium devices with rather intense price tags – or bargain basement devices that even with a good brand can be like throwing away money on nothing.

That’s why I started this company. To provide a medium market option for NZers – decent devices at good prices that people can afford – often our devices are basically the same spec as devices priced twice as high.

So if you shop at Tap That, you get bang for your buck – and not only that, we pride ourselves on good customer service, technical expertise – and all our tablets come with 2 months free Quicklix.

As for our general update – We have the new Teclast x80 Plus in store in the next day or two, which features the new Cherry Trail z8300 processor – and we also have the praised vi10 laptop tablet 2 in 1 (keyboard sold seperately), and more Air III’s – which no suprise at the price, are selling like hotcakes.


Hi everyone,

Okay so it turns out the Chuwi Hi8 pro and Hi10 were going to take too long to get in before Christmas. However we have some great models on there way – The well respected Chuwi Vi10 hybrid will be great for students and professionals, and we also have two new cherry trail tablets – The Teclast x98 air plus, with long battery life and a robust 4GB/64GB, and the Teclast x80 plus, which features micro-HDMI. That and the very hot selling Teclast Air III, and out dual boot Chuwi Hi8 (which is a great machine), will make excellent stocking stuffers this Christmas!

Chuwi Tablet Delays so far

I wanted to announce a bit of an issue here. Chuwi are apparently fixing up some last minute touch screen driver issues, before sending out their Cherry Trail models.

So that may mean I will have to wait on the Hi10 and Hi8 pro, and get something else in. Hard to tell how long it will be. Shame, as I have been looking forward to both those models, but there’s still a chance they will be released this week. Fingers crossed. As soon as they release regardless, I’ll get some in.

The Teclast Air III has been cookie jar popular, so will be definitely be more of those.

And perhaps some of the Teclast x98 Plus Cherry Trail tablets if the Chuwi’s don’t come through. It’s 4gb, Cherry Trail, there’s a keyboard case, its retina, it has the same great casing as the Air III.

Will try and order by the end of this week regardless of what happens, as I obviously want to be well stocked for December, so you guys can fill your stockings!

But I thought I would let you all know, what the story is. Apparently Chuwi is not the only company having delays. Trying to get too much out at once I suppose, but good their quality control is the priority!

Update: Stock on its way

Yes, sorry to keep you all waiting, but we have ordered the next lot of stock, and we have some exciting options coming this way, in the next week, customs willing.

Unfortunately, the brand shiny new stuff, the Chuwi Cherry Trail models will be about another week – there is a bit of a queue even though they have been released – a lot of excitement out there for their offerings.

So what will we be getting in?

Well first up, there is the very low priced Teclast Air x98 III – It comes in with the same kind of exciting specs as the Cube 9x, (minus the 3G) – retina display, Intel Bay Trail, 2GB of RAM – snappy and crisp, running Android 5.0 Lollipop. But with an even thinner profile, and cheaper price. The Teclast Air 1-3 series so far is very solid, and popular, I expect this will be popular with you guys too!

We have some Cube 9x’s on the way as well – I know its a solid model, and some of you, do like to use your tablet on the go (thus want 3G).

We also have a whole raft of Chuwi Models. The dual boot Hi8 with its much respected bright above retina display – that will be in earlier – and the last two, which may be exciting for those techies and tech enthusiasts out there.

The new Hi8 Pro, which is similar to the Hi8, but features the Cherry Trail X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Processor, for around 30% faster graphical performance, and also has a tasty USB-C 3.0 (or 3.1 not actually sure) port, for proper high speed peripherals.

And the new Hi10, which is a great looking hybrid style tablet. And this one is a bit of a beast. It’s powered by a X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail and 4GB of single channel LPDDR3 RAM. It has 64GB of storage, and get this 2 full sized USB 3.0 ports, and a microUSB for charging – plus an additional USB 2.0 on the keyboard (sold seperately)- which is a proper tilting laptop style keyboard that looks very nice. Bet you it will still come in at a price thats cheaper than a laptop, and with those kind of specs, I expect it will be a great tool/toy for many.

And I am betting all of those models will be Tap That staples for while. Later I’d also like to get in a Cherry Trail 9.7 inch, that will be released soon, and I am betting most of those will become Dual Boot versions pretty soon too.

We will also have some 64GB microSDs for those that have been asking or want them. It’s getting closer to Christmas btw 😉 There are some cool gifts here, at Tap That, that won’t burn a hole in your wallet 🙂

Not long now! + My top ten classic albums

I should be making my next stock order this week. We will definitely have a 10.1 inch hybrid style device, and some cool other new tablets including, I hope some of the very new cherry trail chipset devices! 🙂 So, I’ll keep you up to date, but that will be happening soon now.

My I thought to myself, perhaps this blog could be a little more personal. You know, make it more fun, rather than just about technology. So in that spirit, here’s my top ten modern classic albums! 🙂

10) Infected Mushroom – Friends on mushrooms

It’s hectic, and not everyone likes trance music. But this is a passionate collection of very and psychedelic innovative tracks with some relateable pop sensibilities mixed in, and very deserving of the ‘classic status’.

9) The Lumineers – The Lumineers

Catchy and a little off beat, these soulful but uplifting songs make great summer folk/pop music for those upbeat days and road trips.

8) Florence and the Machine – How big, how blue, how beautiful

A spirit shaking album, as Florence often produces, the acoustic clarity and subtle electronic touches, make not only for an album of deep resonance and emotionality, but also an album so sonically fine, that flac, or CD makes a big difference

7) Muse – 2nd Law

While the newer drones signals a very artful return to operatic rock, 2nd Law stands out as a unique blend of electronica, Queen like operatic rock pop and deep emotional sentiment – probably more approachable than any of muses other albums at the same time

6) Ludovico – In a Time Lapse

Ludovico’s albums are always moving, beautiful, so simple yet intricate. Passionate, and yet relaxing. In a time lapse, has this epic yet gentle feel, and easily stands as a classic, in my mind, within modern classical music

5) Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors

Imagine dragons latest album, has a less pop, and harder edge rock sound. It speaks also, to me, more authentically in the lyrics and subject matter. There are a great many good songs on this album, rather than the handful of the last album. Excellent pop/rock.

4) Akala – Thieves Banquet

Not exactly rap, certainly not hip-hop. Akala is from the UK, and fuses concious intelligent lyrics with live instrumentation. Thieves Banquet moves from deep social commentary to uplifting philosophical sentiment

3) Robyn – Body Talk

Sure not every track in this multiple release is amazing. But this series contains some of Robyns best songs – from the quirky, attitude filled rap and dance inspired tracks, to the heartfelt, raw honest emotional pop of tracks like Indestructible or Hang with me.

2) Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One

Tiny Ruins is a solo kiwi female singer, with a folk acoustic style very reminiscent of the more authentic singers of the sixties. The lyrics, and tone of these songs, is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with inauthentic and over produced music.

1) The Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea

The Glitch Mobs first major album, received initially a fair bit of criticism. They came from the background of beat music, from hip-hop DJs, and their new sound was more tribal, primal, rock inspired, with elements of glitch, hip-hop, bass music – neither listening music, nor dancing music, like a sort of spiritual soundtrack of peoples lives. They wrote it during a time of high emotion, and its hard to imagine anything like the raw creativity of an album like this ever occurring again. The fandom grew quickly, with their music being used in youtube videos, and movies. If you want something electronic, but very soulful, I highly recommend it.

More updates!

Sorry about the lack of articles. We’ll be returning to some good tech articles soon. For now briefly I am just giving a bit of a much needed update on the tablet market, and our store.

We have run out of both 8 inch Teclast tablets, and 9.7 inch Cube tablets. And we only have a small number of 7 inch Cube tablets left. We have a big stock order coming up, and I believe in 2-3 weeks, we should have a new range of tablets, including a proper hybrid laptop, and phablet, and some swish next generation cherry trail chipset tablets!

On the tablet market front, we have two announcements this week, continuing the wave of core-M and cherry trail next gen releases. The first is the Teclast X2 Pro. Its an 11.6 inch laptop hybrid, it’s Core-M, has two full sized usb 3 ports, 4gb of RAM and either 64 or 128 SSD. It seems to operate with a conducive stylus. It looks pretty great, but I am unlikely to get it in this time. Firstly, there may not be an official english release yet, and secondly, I am going to get in something more affordable first – as a tablet hybrid can run cheaper than a laptop, and I’d like to bring people that option foremost.

The second announced device is the Asus Transformer Book T100HA. Unfortunately this device looks slightly behind the above hybrid. No doubt a device with the same specs, such as the many upcoming chinese devices will be cheaper. The one thing ASUS does right however is the keyboard dock, which is always well thought out, very study, useable, laptop like. The design aspect is more premium. We do actually have access to Asus stock now through our distributors, but this one will likely not be in the next stock order – soon though, you’ll see a few Asus options in store.

Watch this space – more exciting new tablet products will be available soon 🙂

More updates

As China, is in the midst of releasing its new gen Intel M-core and Intel Cherry Trail processor tablets, we have news every weeks with rumours, and releases details.

This week, we have two 8 inch announcements. Which is a favourite from factor of mine, because its one handed and portable, but still has a good screen size.

We know they both should be released some time in later October, but we don’t know the specs yet. Suspicion is on a Cherry trail processor with 2GBs of RAM for both models the Chuwi Hi8 pro, and the Onda 820W CH. I have my eye on the Chuwi (pictured above), as the design pictures look very solid, seem to include HDMI and USB-C connectors, and the resolution will be at least 1920×1200. Both can be expanded by up to 128GB, which is nice to see.

The Intel ATOM X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 Processor has a higher base frequency, and burst frequency, and more RAM bandwidth, as well as the capability to use up to 4GBs for RAM. Some have been release such as some of the 9.7 inch models, with full SSD rather than the slower, more typical eMMC (SSD is about 2-3 times faster).

I can see more announcements and models, over the next maybe six months up to Christmas.

Currently we have a huge 20-33% of everything until midnight 1st of October.

In terms of the store, we are looking at our next stock order in two to three weeks. I am looking at some of the next gen models, and will try to have a wider variety this time – including at least one full hybrid, and probably a phablet.

We also have access now to some NZ distributors, and in the long term that will probably allow us to stock some western brands, such as Acer.

News roundup & General updates


Apple have announced a new Surface pro like device, the iPad Pro. Critics have been quick to point out that it does seem like a direct copy of a Microsoft idea, but actually the hybrid design has been around longer, and has been done by many others.
Whilst this might be good news for Apple fans, and the new version of iOS will include multi-tasking, I note, that unlike Windows tablets, Apple users aren’t getting the full desktop OS here, a true hybrid OS – they are getting Apples standard mobile/touch platform a more limited environment. Not to mention the outrageous price tag!

There are a host of new announcements in the Chinese market. Onda have a 9.7 inch Core-M tablet, with 4GB of ram and an SSD – the new v919 Core-M. Which is pretty exciting, as those are almost (or actually pretty much) slimline laptop type specs. The Teclast X98 Pro (pictured above), another 9.7 inch next generation tablet, with Cherry Trail processor, and 4GB of RAM, has also been stirring up a lot of interest. With slightly lower specs than the Onda, this next generation tablet runs at a more affordable price.

Teclast are also releasing a very cheap 9.7 model with lower specs, Cube are only a few days away from a big announcement (I expect a new flagship, or M-core tablet), and Pipo have a new Windows hybrid tablet coming – the W1S – also Cherry Trail and coming in either 2GB/32GB or 4gb/64GB. Very nice 🙂

Everything points to that high speed shift the market has been waiting for – Core-M and Cherry trail devices, with more RAM, SSD, and slimline laptop like power! Which is auspicious timing for those getting used to the hybrid OS power of Windows 10, and no doubt there will be a lot more to come as far as tablets go (I expect some in the 8 inch size soon too). Not to forget, Core-M isn’t in any western brand tablets yet!

Good news also on the cheaper 2GB/32GB 9.7 inch from Teclast, if it reviews well, I will look into that, and perhaps one of the Cherry trail tablets.

On the store front, I am looking into where to expand my stock into next. I definitely want a broader range of tablets, especially a full hybrid, and perhaps something like the Cube T7 – which is a higher end 7 inch tablet. I’ll look at all the options, trying to give you a good choice in every category. But I would also like to expand accessories a bit more, have some other microSD card options, maybe PC stick, bluetooth keyboards, perhaps a docking station. I am open to ideas, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know 🙂


Tablets versus Smart Phones

Some people who haven’t used much in the way of tablets, find it harder understand the need for one. But there are some very essential differences in the experience, that make a tablet quite desirable.

The biggest difference is the screen size. Consider the differences between the size of other display and input devices, say a watch calculator versus a full sized calculator, or indeed a smart watch versus a smart phone – the display and interface are more difficult to use and view, and the portability higher for the smaller device.



With a tablet, you can read and view the device more easily. With smart phones and reading, you often see people holding the phone quite close to their face, using different orientations, and pinch zooming and scrolling a lot. With a larger screen, you can hold it more comfortably, have the screen contain more text, easier to see graphics and so on. It makes the experience more comfortable and more visual.

You can see these differences in the way people use a smart phone versus a tablet. People are more likely to make purchases on a tablet. more likely to use it in the lounge, home office, or kitchen. People often use them whilst traveling. Tablets are often shared with spouses, children, whereas mobiles are not – they are great for sharing content with others, and frequently find a place in the living room, as a go to computing device.

Fishing 1

Mobiles, are pocketable and so are used for communication, mobile Apps. Tablets are used more for content consumption, movies, internet, games, books and magazines. And sometimes they are used more like desktop computers, for work applications. And like some mobiles bridging the gap a little – phablets which are between 5-5 and 7 inch screens, their are tablets that bridge desktop and laptop gaps, so called hybrids, 2 in 1, and 3 in 1 devices – tablets that can be used as netbooks, laptops or desktops.


Tablets frequently have expandable memory, and additional ports like micro-USB, and mini or micro-HDMI, to support their more desktop or laptop style of function.

And I have heard of people using their phone less, or even going to a dumb phone, when they get a tablet. Overlap between devices means that, yes if you had a smart phone, 7 inch tablet, 10 inch tablet, laptop, and desktop – you might use them all.

Certainly the sizes would give some different function – but with that many devices one would be inclined to ignore many of them due to overlap, and habits. Device overlap creates some redundancy, and at the same time, a great deal of expense and file syncing – and this is where tablets rule – because they can be 2 in 1, and 3 in 1, the right device can cover nearly all of that space unlike any of the others – and they can have text and calling functions. One device, but the role of many.

Not only that, but CPU chipsets just coming into the market (watch this space, I will be stocking these devices soon enough!) allow tablets to compare in speed with laptops, closing the gap between these devices.

And that is why a tablet is a lot different from a regular smart phone. It can reduce all that redundancy, acting in the place of a range of devices – offering a convenient, easy and enjoyable portal to the Internet, and media around the home, which is superior in many ways to a phone with its screen size, more convenient than a desktop or laptop, and a more portable form for on the go for school, work or personal use, than the laptop.