Down but not out!

Firstly I’d like to apologize to all my customers, for the long period of inactivity here on the web store.

I broke my wrist, had to move regions, and had a variety of difficulties I won’t go into here, that caused me to have to focus on other issues. We are still small, and in the start up phase, but I am committed to providing New Zealand with a much needed niche – midrange tablets that are affordable and decent quality.

There is some good news on that front. I will very soon be getting in a few more models, including some Teclast or Chuwi hybrids, the solid Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and a few others, including likely the Teclast x98 plus II. I’ve really enjoyed the plus II myself, it has nice speed to it, decent storage, works okay as a desktop too if you plug it in.

As well, we have manufacturers moving to the Apollo chipset, which is a lot faster, and the 8350 chipset which has less heat problems has been released, a tad faster, with quite a few models being upgraded there.

Lastly, and most exciting of all, we finally have a tablet chipset with thunderbolt coming, the next gen of Kaby Lake. This will be a game changer, mark my words, with external graphics, and hard drives making the 3 in 1 hybrid finally a very real possibility in the next year or so.

I hope to make a lot more people happy with decent, quality affordable tablets that undercut those pricey premium models, without the risks of the bargain basement.

I’ll let you know when the new models arrive. I’m prepared for a busy year. If you have any product suggestions or requests let me know – I have been looking at cheap laptops, and also mini-pcs.

New models New Prices

Okay so we are really being true to the concept of affordable computing now, these cheap windows and cheap android tablets are generally a class above those you’ll find at chain stores.

The highlight is the Teclast x98 Plus II – It features 4GB of RAM, Cherry Trail Chipset, 64GB Storage and Dual Boot Android 5.1/Windows 10. Long battery life. Pretty tidy IMO, I’d be happy as a kid with one of those.

And then we have some popular sellers, the x98 Air, and the Chuwi Vi10 – Both worth more for sure that their low prices. The x98 Air is a well proportioned 9.7 with solid 2 GB/32 GB and a lush screen. The Chuwi an almost premium quality build with the still competitive 3736F Chipset, 2/64GB, Dual Boot.

And if your in for a really underpriced Cherry Trail 8 inch Windows tablet – and I like these things, they are are a handy level of portable, we have you covered with the x80 Plus.

Next stock order – Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.

Next Blog I’ll talk about some tablet related technologies.