The Chuwi vi10

So, I’ve been using the Chuwi Vi10.

It’s last years model, but it’s material design is a little more deluxe than the majority of releases and the 3736 chipset that it employs, especially given the modest resolution gives the slower cherry trails a run for their money. So overall it still stands up.

The full sized USB ports seem honestly like a dream coming from tablets with only micro ports. I’ve been using them for remote mice, hotplugging usb sticks, and for an external hard drive set up that converts the tablet into a desktop like experience.

The magnetic keyboard attachment works very well. The keys are pretty soft touch, and the magnetic connector basically connects the two for you. It has pretty generous internal space, and with the full ports, plenty of room for expansion if you add a micro flash drive (these come pretty cheaply up to 128gb, and I hope to stock these a little later on).

For video and general use, the resolution is perfectly capable, and the screen is very bright. I only feel it could be better when reading magazines or books where sharp images or text shine.

Overall this is a very solid tablet I think. I have just one other vi10 left in stock, and because I am really looking to get in some more tablets, I am going to give the last one away for a steal $259.99 NZ dollars for the tablet and the attachment – a more than 30% saving. Someone else should be enjoying this.