New Remix OS to offer “continuum” like Windows 10 – Andromeda in the works

Remix OS Android Hybrid OS beats Andromeda

Jide’s Remix OS, a version of android that operates more like Windows, with multi-tasking is due for a big update this year. Whilst Google themselves are still rumoured to be working on their Hybrid OS, a mixture of ChromeOS and Android, Jide appears to have beaten them to it.

The new free to download Remix OS, available later this year will adapt like Windows 10 to its setup- running as Android TV when plugged into a display, or in desktop mode when plugged into a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Giving users a free computer, from their mobile phone or tablet.

This offers Android fans an alternative to Windows 10 if they want those PC features from their Smartphone. The one notable let down is that users have to side load the Play Store themselves- it doesn’t come with the OS. For this reason alone, many users may want to wait for the rumoured codenamed “Andromeda” Hybrid OS from Google themselves.

Andromeda will likely have higher system requirements than older phones, so if you are keen to get an Android Hybrid OS, you’ll be better to either install the new Remix when it comes out, or hold off on buying a new phone or tablet until the rumoured Andromeda comes out, to make sure you can run it.