Down but not out!

Firstly I’d like to apologize to all my customers, for the long period of inactivity here on the web store.

I broke my wrist, had to move regions, and had a variety of difficulties I won’t go into here, that caused me to have to focus on other issues. We are still small, and in the start up phase, but I am committed to providing New Zealand with a much needed niche – midrange tablets that are affordable and decent quality.

There is some good news on that front. I will very soon be getting in a few more models, including some Teclast or Chuwi hybrids, the solid Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and a few others, including likely the Teclast x98 plus II. I’ve really enjoyed the plus II myself, it has nice speed to it, decent storage, works okay as a desktop too if you plug it in.

As well, we have manufacturers moving to the Apollo chipset, which is a lot faster, and the 8350 chipset which has less heat problems has been released, a tad faster, with quite a few models being upgraded there.

Lastly, and most exciting of all, we finally have a tablet chipset with thunderbolt coming, the next gen of Kaby Lake. This will be a game changer, mark my words, with external graphics, and hard drives making the 3 in 1 hybrid finally a very real possibility in the next year or so.

I hope to make a lot more people happy with decent, quality affordable tablets that undercut those pricey premium models, without the risks of the bargain basement.

I’ll let you know when the new models arrive. I’m prepared for a busy year. If you have any product suggestions or requests let me know – I have been looking at cheap laptops, and also mini-pcs.

Website outtage

We got attacked with some malware, and it took awhile to correct the issue. We are back on board now, and better protected and apologize to any customers who were left short!

Fortunately exciting times lay ahead. I’m looking forward to particularly the new edition of the Chuwi Hi10, which is a hybrid with a swivel keyboard that stacks up very nicely. I think coming towards the end of the year, especially Christmas, over winter we will see progressive variants with faster chips, especially the new cooler intel revisions coming out soon.

There are already plenty of models that run like a laptop in essence, providing that true 2 in 1, 3 in 1 type of experience that Windows 10 can afford – a single device to rule them all – but I think we will see greater power, in smaller sizes very soon, and at this lower price point, that will really open up the possibilities for everyone.

News roundup & General updates


Apple have announced a new Surface pro like device, the iPad Pro. Critics have been quick to point out that it does seem like a direct copy of a Microsoft idea, but actually the hybrid design has been around longer, and has been done by many others.
Whilst this might be good news for Apple fans, and the new version of iOS will include multi-tasking, I note, that unlike Windows tablets, Apple users aren’t getting the full desktop OS here, a true hybrid OS – they are getting Apples standard mobile/touch platform a more limited environment. Not to mention the outrageous price tag!

There are a host of new announcements in the Chinese market. Onda have a 9.7 inch Core-M tablet, with 4GB of ram and an SSD – the new v919 Core-M. Which is pretty exciting, as those are almost (or actually pretty much) slimline laptop type specs. The Teclast X98 Pro (pictured above), another 9.7 inch next generation tablet, with Cherry Trail processor, and 4GB of RAM, has also been stirring up a lot of interest. With slightly lower specs than the Onda, this next generation tablet runs at a more affordable price.

Teclast are also releasing a very cheap 9.7 model with lower specs, Cube are only a few days away from a big announcement (I expect a new flagship, or M-core tablet), and Pipo have a new Windows hybrid tablet coming – the W1S – also Cherry Trail and coming in either 2GB/32GB or 4gb/64GB. Very nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything points to that high speed shift the market has been waiting for – Core-M and Cherry trail devices, with more RAM, SSD, and slimline laptop like power! Which is auspicious timing for those getting used to the hybrid OS power of Windows 10, and no doubt there will be a lot more to come as far as tablets go (I expect some in the 8 inch size soon too). Not to forget, Core-M isn’t in any western brand tablets yet!

Good news also on the cheaper 2GB/32GB 9.7 inch from Teclast, if it reviews well, I will look into that, and perhaps one of the Cherry trail tablets.

On theย store front, I am looking into where to expand my stock into next. I definitely want a broader range of tablets, especially a full hybrid, and perhaps something like the Cube T7 – which is a higher end 7 inch tablet. I’ll look at all the options, trying to give you a good choice in every category. But I would also like to expand accessories a bit more, have some other microSD card options, maybe PC stick, bluetooth keyboards, perhaps a docking station. I am open to ideas, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know ๐Ÿ™‚