Not long now! + My top ten classic albums

I should be making my next stock order this week. We will definitely have a 10.1 inch hybrid style device, and some cool other new tablets including, I hope some of the very new cherry trail chipset devices! 🙂 So, I’ll keep you up to date, but that will be happening soon now.

My I thought to myself, perhaps this blog could be a little more personal. You know, make it more fun, rather than just about technology. So in that spirit, here’s my top ten modern classic albums! 🙂

10) Infected Mushroom – Friends on mushrooms

It’s hectic, and not everyone likes trance music. But this is a passionate collection of very and psychedelic innovative tracks with some relateable pop sensibilities mixed in, and very deserving of the ‘classic status’.

9) The Lumineers – The Lumineers

Catchy and a little off beat, these soulful but uplifting songs make great summer folk/pop music for those upbeat days and road trips.

8) Florence and the Machine – How big, how blue, how beautiful

A spirit shaking album, as Florence often produces, the acoustic clarity and subtle electronic touches, make not only for an album of deep resonance and emotionality, but also an album so sonically fine, that flac, or CD makes a big difference

7) Muse – 2nd Law

While the newer drones signals a very artful return to operatic rock, 2nd Law stands out as a unique blend of electronica, Queen like operatic rock pop and deep emotional sentiment – probably more approachable than any of muses other albums at the same time

6) Ludovico – In a Time Lapse

Ludovico’s albums are always moving, beautiful, so simple yet intricate. Passionate, and yet relaxing. In a time lapse, has this epic yet gentle feel, and easily stands as a classic, in my mind, within modern classical music

5) Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors

Imagine dragons latest album, has a less pop, and harder edge rock sound. It speaks also, to me, more authentically in the lyrics and subject matter. There are a great many good songs on this album, rather than the handful of the last album. Excellent pop/rock.

4) Akala – Thieves Banquet

Not exactly rap, certainly not hip-hop. Akala is from the UK, and fuses concious intelligent lyrics with live instrumentation. Thieves Banquet moves from deep social commentary to uplifting philosophical sentiment

3) Robyn – Body Talk

Sure not every track in this multiple release is amazing. But this series contains some of Robyns best songs – from the quirky, attitude filled rap and dance inspired tracks, to the heartfelt, raw honest emotional pop of tracks like Indestructible or Hang with me.

2) Tiny Ruins – Brightly Painted One

Tiny Ruins is a solo kiwi female singer, with a folk acoustic style very reminiscent of the more authentic singers of the sixties. The lyrics, and tone of these songs, is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with inauthentic and over produced music.

1) The Glitch Mob – Drink the Sea

The Glitch Mobs first major album, received initially a fair bit of criticism. They came from the background of beat music, from hip-hop DJs, and their new sound was more tribal, primal, rock inspired, with elements of glitch, hip-hop, bass music – neither listening music, nor dancing music, like a sort of spiritual soundtrack of peoples lives. They wrote it during a time of high emotion, and its hard to imagine anything like the raw creativity of an album like this ever occurring again. The fandom grew quickly, with their music being used in youtube videos, and movies. If you want something electronic, but very soulful, I highly recommend it.